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Some many months ago, I shared some pictures that were NOT engagement pictures. At the time, they were actually engaged but we hadn’t gone out to do official engagement pictures yet. We were going to get to it ANY day! But a series of scheduling issues (he’s a new police officer, so his schedule has been full) led to the whole summer passing into fall, and when we finally had a day where all three of us were available, it rained. Of course.

Still, we made the best of it and trekked the backcountry to get to Crested Butte, where Scott initially took Kara to propose. Car sickness and rain (and my son’s extreme fatigue from not getting much sleep) aside, we laughed and talked and plotted and planned, making the best of it.

Upon arriving, the rain actually stopped, for which we were thankful, but we were greeted by loud bellows from lots and lots and lots of cows!

Scott and Kara

They made for some fun pictures and all, and I have a video that I’m willing to sell to the highest bidder, but there were landmines, if you know what I mean, which made the hike in slightly challenging, given the already soggy grounds. Still, we decided we were on their land, so we made the best of it. Notice how even the cow was grossed out enough to walk away?

Scott and Kara

Anyway, so we were headed to Judd Falls. It was quite chilly, wet, and dark with the cloud cover, not exactly ideal photography weather, but we were determined all the same.

Scott and Kara
Scott and Kara
Scott and Kara

Scott decided to reenact the proposal.

Scott and Kara

I’m rather hopeful that he didn’t crack up laughing during the real question-popping moment.

Scott and Kara

I decided to then give them a second or two alone to remember that special day. What I really meant is, I’ll be taking a picture of the waterfall and kind of spying on you. For the record, I make a terrible spy.

Scott and Kara

These were supposed to make up their Save the Date announcements. Only thing is, in the end, they changed the date. Of course.

Scott and Kara

Both these two and the scenery were just gorgeous. Even the cows were lovely against the soggy greens. (The cows are part of the story that day. That’s why they are here. Also, cows — yay!)

Scott and Kara
Scott and Kara
Scott and Kara

A little silliness — (Truth: Their whole session is more “outtake” like this than serious, but that’s just who they are!)

Scott and Kara

Everyone say goodbye to the cows, because they did NOT seem happy to have us there.

Scott and Kara

Scott and Kara will be married in January, and we couldn’t be happier to have Kara joining our family. And to answer the big question: No, no I will not be photographing the wedding. I will be experiencing their amazing day, not documenting it. Sometimes you have to put the camera down and live your beautiful everyday life.

PS: I wrote a little bit about their engagement at MiddlePlaces.com — http://middleplaces.com/2013/07/08/in-the-middle-of-ring-shopping/

The next time you see these two here on the blog, they will be!

My firstborn son is ENGAGED!!! He and I went ring shopping about a month ago, and I’ve been biting my tongue ever since, trying not to accidentally spill the beans before he could seek parental permission and, of course, ask her personally. And then they got officially engaged but I had to wait EVEN LONGER (OK, a mere 3 days…) to share still, because many people needed to be told outside of the Internet world. But now? I get to scream and dance about it and share these pictures, whether Kara likes it or not (seriously, girl — if you’re going to be in this family, you’re going to have to love having your picture taken, or at least put up with it!).

These two, so gorgeous (says the totally unbiased mom) –


Y’all, SERIOUSLY! This girl? Will be my daughter (in-law)! Oh, I can’t even begin to tell you how much we love and adore her!


Oh, and lest anyone think my kid didn’t give me a hard time with pictures (he is one of the most difficult clients, after all), I also got these –


We are so excited and so very blessed!

My very favorite way of meeting new clients is when another client or friend shared my work with them. That’s how Riley and his mom came to me, and I was so excited to meet them. I was then especially excited to work with Riley when I saw his hair and eyes. People, I love red hair and I love beautiful eyes, and and and…Riley would like it very much, I’m sure, if I just shut up now and moved on with the whole picture thing.

As the photographer, I get to play favorites and take advantage of my role by sharing my personal faves first.


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True Confession: I cried on the way to this session and then again on the way home. I don’t know why I was so caught up in the emotion of this family, but…OK…well, I do. The first time I blogged about the Lyons, I mentioned how Lora and I had known each other for quite awhile online before meeting in person in Georgia before I moved to Colorado. This was us then:


In this photo, the boys were quite young, the girl was growing, and the baby wasn’t even a thought. We parted ways and stayed in touch online. But then…they moved here! And I’ve had the honor and privilege and complete joy to photograph them several times. We’ve been through a photo session with Dad home on leave, and then his homecoming, and now this one, where a number of emotional events were circling this family. Lora had only recently arrived back home from the Ukraine after adopting their fifth beautiful child, Vi. There was an urgency to this photo shoot, though. While it would have been better for Vi to get more of a chance to really get used to everyone and everything before trying a big photo shoot, Dean, our American Soldier, was about to have to leave for yet another tour of duty. We needed to make sure we had new family pictures with Vi immediately!

So yes, I cried. I cried because they are so beautiful and wonderful, and I cried because I’m so honored to know Dean and Lora, and I cried for Vi who now has a family of her own, and I cried for the weather to stay nice (and it was, but then it got too bright…oh well), and I cried for the family to be able to connect with one another as they need to, and I cried for their lives to just settle down and get a little boring (there have been MANY things going on), and I cried because Dean has to leave, and after the shoot I cried because they are so amazing, all of them, and I cried because the children keep growing, and I cried because I got to finally meet Vi, and I cried because this is one heck of a strong family.

When it comes to family photography, I have learned that you can go in with a certain set of ideas for posed work, but mostly, to really capture a family, it’s all about watching them interact and just be together. Setting up poses is all fine and good, but I think the heart of it all is outside of the poses, in the middle of real life. That’s where the love lives.

031712_0018a 031712_0026a (1)
031712_0053 031712_0061
031712_0888 (1)
031712_0479 031712_0508
031712_0199a (1)
031712_0275 031712_0112 (1)
031712_0624 031712_0634 (1)
031712_0708 031712_0719
031712_0901 (1) 031712_0903 (1)
031712_0908 (1) 031712_0945
031712_0313 031712_0327

Of course, no session with the Lyons would be complete without a little photo bombing!


Finally, this shot is why I never stop shooting until my clients are officially loaded up and gone –

031712_0982 (1)

I seriously cannot say it often enough – thank you Lyons for your service and sacrifice. And thank you for stepping in and taking care of one of the orphans, who is an orphan no more! You are all an absolute blessing!

NOTE: Vi was adopted through Reece’s Rainbow. I encourage you to visit the site and make a donation to help another family bring home one of these amazing orphaned children. If you can’t adopt a child, I think the next best thing is to be able to help someone else do so. I’m proud and thrilled to know my family was able to help the Lyons bring home Vi. There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you played a part in making their family come together this way.

For more ongoing life with the Lyons, read Lora’s blog here: My Camo Kids
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