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The Ahns left Colorado…

…but not before making some photographic memories!

Living in a military area often means people are coming and going. I have the honor of photographing many military families, but sadly, I don’t always get to keep telling their stories because they move on to the next assignment. That was the case here, but it was especially important to capture their time with some Colorado beauty. So we met up with the intent to shoot big. That is, though scenery is fun and part of many sessions, the focus is typically more up close and personal. But for their memories, they really wanted Colorado with Family, not so much Family with Colorado.

We met up early but as Colorado is wont to do, the sun was shining super bright. I don’t like to shoot in bright sun because it can be very hard for clients to not go blind and for me to get THE shots, but I took on the beautiful day like a champ: Challenge accepted!

The Ahn Family

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Damon and Meghan – Colorado Love Photography

You know how sometimes you receive a gift certificate or buy a deal and then see that it has a deadline attached to it? I think that’s silly. If you receive a gift that someone paid for, you should be able to redeem it whenever. The same with the gift of a photo shoot. I once gave these two a gift certificate for a photo shoot, and they FINALLY “cashed” it in. While I’m all about taking your time, these two were driving me crazy because, frankly, I wanted to photograph their love a long time ago. I’m happy it finally happened, though. We had a blast!

I met Damon years ago and if I recall correctly, he was my very first “client.” I use the term loosely because I wasn’t sure what I was doing yet, how I wanted to do it, and plus I wasn’t trying to make money yet. But Damon is comfortable to work with, so I shot his senior pictures. I kind of do not wish to go back and find them to share because in my memory I did a fine job, and so I prefer not to mess that up.

I met Meghan later and we became friends immediately. We’ve even gone on photo play dates before. We should go on photo play dates again soon.

So anyway, Meghan finally contacted me to set up her photo shoot and we headed off to the Happy Apple Farm!


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