Don’t miss your life

Don’t miss your life by Angela Giles Klocke

“Ah man, there’s a fence around those flowers. I’m going over! No, wait, the fence is down over there…”

“You make me laugh,” my husband said from the driver’s seat.

We were out for a Saturday drive with the dogs. I assume it has to be a little annoying sometimes to ride with me because I turn into a two-year-old: “Oooh, look at that! Check out the sky! Did you see that? Deer! Oh, the water is high! Look at how the clouds are swirling over the mountaintop! That lighting is GORGEOUS over there!” And on and on I go.

“Why do I make you laugh?”

“Because you go crazy about a field of flowers. Every. Time.”

“Well,” I said, “just look at that yellow against the blue. Isn’t it amazing?”

“It IS pretty. But you really see it. I see that stuff so often, I don’t really pay attention.”

That bit of conversation left me thinking. Yes, yes I do go crazy over fields of flowers, and looking at Pikes Peak never gets old. I can stand at my kitchen window and stare at the sky or watch deer play across the street for the longest time, day after day, without getting bored.

I love life. I love all the beautiful, wonderful delights that every day is full of. My past was truly ugly, so I look for nothing but beauty even while working amidst the ugly others are dealing with. I never want to stop noticing flowers and clouds and animals and how the wind sounds when it weaves its way through tall grass. I want to embrace each day, each precious moment of life given to me.

Don’t miss the flowers. Don’t miss the trees. Don’t miss the wind. Don’t miss the sky. Don’t miss your life.

Rocky and Mike Are Getting Married! | Colorado Springs Photography

I met Rocky and Mike through Spencer and Leigh (who I met through other friends — come on, isn’t this a great world!?). What was meant to be a short one-time photo session has led to me having the honor of celebrating with them in a few weeks when they get married!

But first, when Rocky told me her hope for a Bonnie & Clyde themed session, I was ecstatic. I love to play! I love doing something new and different and fun, and if you don’t think doing a session with fun people who are playing a role in the middle of Garden of the Gods isn’t all kinds of awesome, well, we need to talk.

We had high hopes for a car to shoot with, but those plans fell through. Still, we knew we could pull it off and it would be awesome. Following are some of my favorite images of the day.

Bonnie & Clyde

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