Shout Out Saturday: Sasha Johns, True Vine Gifts

Sasha is a very special kind of artsy/crafty business owner. Oh sure, she’s super talented, but she is led by love. She works hard, but she first works from her heart.

Case in point: When our family recently suffered a loss, Sasha immediately sent a piece of her heart to us in the form of jelly. Jelly, you say? Yes. She sent jars of Queen Anne’s Lace jelly to my son and his wife, and also to me. Queen Anne’s Lace has special meaning to her, and she shares that meaning and love and understanding through the jelly. A jar of jelly might seem minor to some, but it meant the world to us — and I know to anyone else who is on the receiving end. Also? It’s REALLY, REALLY yummy.

Shout Out Saturday: Sasha Johns, True Vine Gifts

A while back, Sasha sent out little gifts she made to each of us in her Middle Sisters tribe. She personalized them to what we like, and as you can see, she nailed it with the tiara. In fact, she also included prayer art unique to each of us. This is one of my favorite gifts, all made alongside working her business.

Shout Out Saturday: Sasha Johns, True Vine Gifts

Sasha spends time crafting each piece of her art, so when you place an order, you can rest assured that not only will you receive it in a timely manner, but you will also love it when it arrives. I ordered a special piece (sold out but you can see it there) for my daughter this past Christmas and it arrived safe, well-packaged, and BEAUTIFUL. I was so excited about it, I ordered a gift certificate for my best friend so she could choose something special for herself.

I’m a huge fan of art and craftiness. I am not, however, very good at being artsy and crafty, so I love being able to turn to small businesses to support their efforts. Christmas IS coming, friends, and I encourage you to get started early choosing gifts for those special people in your life. Ordering from True Vine Gifts will go a long way in delivering your favorite gifts this year.

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