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These words are in my journal from 2012, the year I was going through some major healing and transformation. I don’t know if I wrote them or if someone else said them (a quick search hasn’t brought up another author yet), but it seems like no matter who said them, it’s a great way to approach each day. Life is a gift, and sometimes we forget that and live on in fear. Let us release ourselves from those chains and land in the arms of love instead.

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Confession: Sometimes I come to a screeching halt as I realize I just said the words, “Let me pray on it,” when what I really mean is, “I don’t know and I need time to figure it out and I will probably completely forget that I meant to pray about it, so when you ask me again, I’ll give you an answer that I might not even mean.”

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So, let’s just get this part out of the way: these are two of the most wonderful people ever. Truth. And I say that as a totally unbiased mother. Oh sure, I made one of them from scratch, and I gave him the good sense that led to him choosing this beautiful girl (of course I take all the credit!), but they really are amazing. Kind, funny, smart, beautiful, and all full of wonderful blessings.

Also, they like to do things like plan a wedding and then completely change the whole date. Kara was hopeful for a fall wedding, but then they decided on spring, and of course that means they got married in the winter. But when Kara and I were location scouting, she really fell for this spot, and we decided if nothing else, we’d come back here for after-the-wedding photos. As with each session we plan, we have to coordinate schedules, and so we ended up here quite a bit earlier than I’d have planned a sunset session, but it always works out beautifully.

(I’ve been trying to get a shot with the ring box since he bought the ring, but they never remembered to bring it along.)


That shot on the right makes Scott proud, because it was his idea.


I love portraits that aren’t the norm, of hands, of the edges of a dress…


Oh, and we’re not finished because remember all those nice things I said about them in the beginning? They’re all still true, but one’s own children do not seem to outgrow being the most difficult client. Because I literally got more outtakes than “real” photos, but honestly, these are so representative of their relationship.

When the boy thinks he knows what I want —

“Oh, I should look back. She likes when people look back!”


When you just can’t be serious for too long —


When one of you doesn’t know what the other one is doing —


When he doesn’t understand why you want him to just take the leaf —


When that news update just can’t wait —


When you want to play peek-a-boo, and you really need a nap, and you don’t understand how pictures work —


When your mommy is your photographer —


My children are my world, and I really never thought far enough into the future to realize I’d gain more children. I love each and every new memory we all create together, and you can watch much of it play out here.

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  • Karen Dane - I love our growing family, which includes you and your family Angela!! We are very blessed!!ReplyCancel

  • Megan McKinzey Lunsford - I love these :) such a beautiful location. Gorgeous couple and Photographer too :) I adore your term “Daughter-in-love”. Miss your face!ReplyCancel

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