Don’t miss your life

Don’t miss your life by Angela Giles Klocke

“Ah man, there’s a fence around those flowers. I’m going over! No, wait, the fence is down over there…”

“You make me laugh,” my husband said from the driver’s seat.

We were out for a Saturday drive with the dogs. I assume it has to be a little annoying sometimes to ride with me because I turn into a two-year-old: “Oooh, look at that! Check out the sky! Did you see that? Deer! Oh, the water is high! Look at how the clouds are swirling over the mountaintop! That lighting is GORGEOUS over there!” And on and on I go.

“Why do I make you laugh?”

“Because you go crazy about a field of flowers. Every. Time.”

“Well,” I said, “just look at that yellow against the blue. Isn’t it amazing?”

“It IS pretty. But you really see it. I see that stuff so often, I don’t really pay attention.”

That bit of conversation left me thinking. Yes, yes I do go crazy over fields of flowers, and looking at Pikes Peak never gets old. I can stand at my kitchen window and stare at the sky or watch deer play across the street for the longest time, day after day, without getting bored.

I love life. I love all the beautiful, wonderful delights that every day is full of. My past was truly ugly, so I look for nothing but beauty even while working amidst the ugly others are dealing with. I never want to stop noticing flowers and clouds and animals and how the wind sounds when it weaves its way through tall grass. I want to embrace each day, each precious moment of life given to me.

Don’t miss the flowers. Don’t miss the trees. Don’t miss the wind. Don’t miss the sky. Don’t miss your life.

Spencer and Leigh Are Getting Married!

To answer the first question: no, no we did not get stuck in the snow. Why do you ask?

Moving right along…

Living in Colorado comes with many perks. But sometimes it comes with changes that happen so fast, you have to up your own game, especially as you run out of daylight. And the snow stops falling softly and instead begins to assault you…sideways. Seriously. Yet, there is laughter and kisses (them, not me) and beauty and a celebration of love all the same. And that’s what I live for, why I do this job, even if sometimes it means you have the worst drive of your life on the way home.

Spencer, Leigh, Yota*, and I met up last summer to see if we were a good fit for each other, and lo! We were! So we planned a winter engagement session with the hopes of a wintry look and maybe some nice snow, right? Oh, best laid plans and all that jazz. Worse, I became so nervous as a passenger that you could officially change my name to Chatty Cathy. Truly. (I have Passenger Anxiety. It’s real.)


Spencer and Leigh

I’ll be there!

So, after not being stuck in the snow, we got started and Leigh immediately got comfortable with my camera. That hair, those eyes, that smile!

Spencer and Leigh

Now, I want you to notice that it’s just barely starting to snow here. It’s light and pretty and hardly makes us freezing cold.

Spencer and Leigh

By the end, the snow will drench us and everyone’s hair will fall flat, and Spencer never stops complaining about how much time he spent doing his hair ALL FOR NOTHING! Ahem, sorry…creative license.

They are just too stinkin’ cute!

Spencer and Leigh

Y’all, come on. Leigh is absolutely gorgeous! This just makes you excited to see what she will look like on her wedding day.

Spencer and Leigh

Let’s not forget Spencer. I love this series because he’s trying so hard to be a good little model and Leigh is standing behind me making faces at him. “Stop making me laugh!” He’s gonna work that wedding day attire, but I may have to keep Leigh out of range if she’s gonna keep up these shenanigans!

Spencer and Leigh

If you’re not working with animals, you haven’t lived. I love that almost every session lately has included a fur baby. Yota was the best! And by “the best,” I mean, well, dogs…whatcha gonna do?

Spencer and Leigh
Spencer and Leigh
Spencer and Leigh
Spencer and Leigh

Eh, forget the dog. We can do this without him.

Spencer and Leigh

So, this is where we started losing control over the situation completely. You see how the snow is getting heavier? And we’re losing the battle with good hair. And no one is warm. NO ONE! But look at how they are holding it together. Truly professional. I’m sure I was professional too, hardly whining and shivering at all. Because I’m professional.

Spencer and Leigh

We called it a day shortly after this.

Here are some phone shots I took when we were NOT stuck in the snow…

Spencer and Leigh

Before leaving, Leigh and I had to get one selfie in. Spencer basically laughed at the idea and stayed in the truck where it was toasty warm. Notice how the snow is downright smacking us. OK, you can’t tell, but it is!

Spencer and Leigh

Seriously had a blast with you two, and I can’t wait for September, where I will talk much less…unless you’re driving me somewhere. Then, I make no promises.

*I mentioned at this meeting that my husband would love them since they seemed to be Star Wars fans, what with naming their dog Yoda. But I was totally mis-hearing them and so yeah, that was fun! That beauty is actually named for the car, not a wise green fella.

Would you like me to photograph YOUR love?