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Angela Giles Klocke Photo by Nic ChamplinI am…
Angela Giles Klocke
(Soft G, Long I = Giles / Clock + E = Klocke)

Contact: angelagilesklocke AT gmail dot com

Based in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.
Experience listed HERE.

Professionally, I am a writer, speaker, and artist. I practice art and grace here, writing often about my life, sharing photography, what’s new with the writing life, and digging deep into my past as a victim of abuse, about being a teen mom, about being a mom and wife in general, and observations about the world around me. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, my goal is to share my words and my art.

Personally, I am a mom of three amazing children who aren’t so much children anymore at ages 24, 20, and 18 (yes, I blinked). In this phase of my life, I’m getting used to the idea that the nest will be empty soon. I don’t always deal with that very well. (However, I have a grandson on the way, and I’m so super excited about that! Only the most beautiful boy of the century. And I say that without any bias whatsoever!)

I have been married to my best friend for over 16 years, and not only do we still love each other very much, but we also still LIKE each other. I call that a win. Also, he does laundry and cleans the bathroom. Lifetime win!

I am gravity-challenged and know how to take a fall. Likewise, I have learned how to fall down in life and when chasing my dreams. More importantly, I’ve learned how to keep getting up. I have found no better option than to stand up again and again no matter how many times life knocks you on your butt.

Most importantly, I’m a princess, daughter of the King Most High. I give all praise and acknowledgement to God.

Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.
And spiders.

Phrases Used to Describe Me:

Loves God | Hates Math | Wears Tiaras | Makes Faces
Vertically-Challenged | Book Addict | Speaks Sarcasmese
Adores Rainbows | Serial Plant Killer | Chases Dreams
Climbs Mountains | Tells Stories | Dances With Joy
Runs in the Rain | Lives Life

* Bio picture on this page by Nic Champlin. “About Me” and “Experience” images by Kelsey Ann Photography.

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