About Angela

Angela Giles Klocke Photo by Nic ChamplinI am…
Angela Giles Klocke
(Soft G, Long I = Giles / Clock + E = Klocke)

Contact: angelagilesklocke AT gmail dot com

Based in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area.
Experience listed HERE.

Through the years, my blog has taken on different names and has grown through different phases of my life. (I’ve been blogging since before the word “blog” existed, back in the days when we hand-coded.) I’ve most recently settled on “Love Your Everyday Life” because that’s what I seek — to love my everyday life. I want to embrace everything good in life. I’ve known the bad. I lived and survived the bad. That’s another story, the beginning chapters of my life, but out of all that bad came so much beauty. I love to live that now.

I am a storyteller, and I tell my stories in writing, pictures, and speaking. In this space, I write about my life and my perspective, share photography (business and personal), and seek the light.

I am married to my best friend, and we have three grown children, three bonus children (spouse, fiancé, and significant other), one amazing grandson, and a very rich extended family made up of friends.

I am gravity-challenged and know how to take a fall. Likewise, I have learned how to fall down in life and when chasing my dreams. More importantly, I’ve learned how to keep getting up. I have found no better option than to stand up again and again no matter how many times life knocks you on your butt.

Most importantly, I’m a princess, daughter of the King Most High. I give all praise and acknowledgement to God.

Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.
And spiders.

Phrases Used to Describe Me:

Loves God | Hates Math | Wears Tiaras | Makes Faces
Vertically-Challenged | Book Addict | Speaks Sarcasmese
Adores Rainbows | Serial Plant Killer | Chases Dreams
Climbs Mountains | Tells Stories | Dances With Joy
Runs in the Rain | Lives Life

* Bio picture on this page by Nic Champlin. “About Me” and “Experience” images by Kelsey Ann Photography.